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Refinishing a Basement, adding a kitchen?
Got a remodeling contractor doing the work?

It's very important for homeowners to have remodeling work Inspected at critical phases by someone who is working for you, someone who has your best interests at heart

The quality of the work will depend on the crew that works on your project. As your project swings into full gear it will all look good to the untrained eye. The framing, wiring, plumbing is completed, the progress looks good, but would you know the difference between well done and half done?

It is often too late to discover problems once the framing has been covered with insulation and drywall, which is why you need an independent Inspector.

Prior to the remodeling crew installing the insulation and drywall, call us for a pre drywall Inspection, Our Inspector will look the framing, insulation, plumbing, electrical wiring and duct installations, the roof structure and surface. We look at the structural frame, Inspecting for problems such as: Unbolted sill plates, Over spanned members, Inadequate roof supports, Under built bearing walls, Improper notching and boring, Severed plates, Damaged joists, Improper fire stops.

Before you pay the contractor his final payment, have performed a "final Inspection/ punch list". We inspect all the components of the job and the overall finish, pointing out any areas that need further work